//forced into party scenes, peer pressure takes our teens. //
-Metaphor is Audio *Autmn Leaves*
By: Kristen Martinez

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//So hold me up, and you should see you're not supposed to be my enemy... So let me breathe, just let me be, I'd show you more than you could ever hope to see Intentions are the same I find, but even if they are I still need room to shine... If this is how it's gotta be, it will never be easy//
-The Juliana Theory *Do You Believe Me?*

Tuesday, 20-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

//And I canâ??t forgive myself for all the things Iâ??ve done.
But you, you do.

Bleed one more time for me.
â??Cause my heart is filled with loneliness.
And this world is filled with loneliness.
Bleed one more time for me.
â??Cause the struggles of this world are blistering. Blistering.//

-Dead Poetic *Bliss Tearing Eyes*

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Hold her heart in your hand,
Make her think you care,
Let her trust you with all she is, and in return never be there.

Hold her heart up high,
Make her think you're proud,
Let her tears soak her pillow as you break every promise you've vvowed.

Hold her heart away from harm,
Make her think you're her hero,
Let her think you're not responsible for all the pain she's ever known.

Hold her heart to your own,
Make her look into your eyes,
Let her know the bitter truth, and in your arms she dies.

Wednesday, 17-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Blah... running out of good pictures...

Saturday, 13-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Congratulations babe, I tip my hat in your direction
'Cause you're the only guy who's truly won my affection.
Congratulations babe, the trophy goes to you
'Cause I think of you all the time no matter what I do.
Congratulations babe, be proud and hold your head up high
'Cause you're the only guy who's ever made me cry.
Congratulations I must tell you, as my insides fall apart
Aren't you proud to be the only guy who'sever broken my heart?
-Selina Lopez

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